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My Name is Peter Hofbauer. I am a Hobby Game-Developer and I provide mostly free content for everyone who is interested in my work. My weird obsession with trying to turn everything into a game has led me to a path of unlimited exploration in different fields of game making. The projects that I publish on this site are byproducts of this exploration, which I would like to share.


B.i.t.Lock is a 2D Puzzle Game that I worked on as a student project together with my dear friend Viktoria Ronacher. It is all about the synchronized movement of different blocks in a grid-based system. The goal is to shape new forms to match the keyhole patterns and solve the puzzles.

This game is available for free:

Steam (PC, Mac, Linux)
iOS (GamesKeys)


Subjet is about the duality between aircraft and submarinery. You control a vehicle, which adjusts to its surroundings, so you can battle in air and underwater.

This game is still in development, but you can download a demo-version here:



Not many people know that you can actually code a game in Microsoft Excel. It certainly wasn't build for that purpose, but that didn't stop me from doing it anyway.

Most of the "games" in this collection are not that great except of one. The one I call "Xellerate" is a fun multiplayer-platformer that you can play in the office or at school without getting caught (who is going to blame you for having an Excel-tab open).



I'm a bit embarrassed about this one.

Split Prophecy is an unfinished RPG with a terrible story and a boring fighting system. The reason, this game is so important to me, is because i made the engine myself. I built this game as a wpf-application in visual studio and at that time I didn't even know what "wpf" stood for. What I can assure you, is that it wasn't meant for game making.

When you look inside the resource-folder of the game, you can basically see how I made level-designs, enemies, dialog, etc. using only basic drawing tools, a text-editor and a bit of Microsoft Excel magic. If people are interested, I might also release the source-code (it's a total mess though).



LabView is a graphical programming application for hardware configuration, data measurement and processing. If I can make a game here, I can do it everywhere.

The setup is a bit complicated, as you need the software, some additional tools and specific hardware (Arduino UNO) to run the games. I will update this in the future to make it more accessible and provide a download-link, so you can check it out yourself.


This is where it all started.

My first "game" is not really a game by definition. I decided to add this to my list, because it defines the start of my career.

When I made this game, my goal was to give people an exciting gaming experience, such as I've had as a kid when I played my first video games and this goal hasn't changed ever since. I am happy to have come this far and I'm looking forward to all of my future projects that will help me achieve this goal.